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Nokhookdesignis a small T-shirt and art shop located in a peaceful area of Chiang Mai citynear Chiang Mai Gate. Products are originally designed, creative and veryunique. Everything is created by the designer and guaranteed to be very limited,rare to find with no copied pieces of works sold. The concept of Nokhookdesignis to find a balance between traditional Lanna culture, clichéd Lannareproduced arts and culture, and a modern way of how to interpret traditionalculture to fit with an alternative modern lifestyle. Although the products maynot seem to be obviously Lanna in style as most people would be acquaintedwith, they carry with them a strong love of their roots reflected through a newstyle of art. One important principle they cling onto is, ‘culture should beable to change, develop and improve rather than being frozen, kept untouchedand forgotten’.

You canalso visit our second branch at JJ Market Chiang Mai.
At JJ GoodTaste Market (same side as Doi Tung Coffee), go to the entrance hall and turnleft at the lawn.

AnukunHamala (Gang)

Born as genuine Chiang Mai, I worked with books & magazines for 9 years and participated in 
many writing and graphic design contests in Thailand with few awards. 
I have frequently joined graphic design exhibitions both in Chiang Mai and 
Some of my works were published in several Thai and foreign graphic design 
compilation books. Today, I runs my small  business selling original design T-shirts and handmade products in Chiang Mai and open a graphic design studio with my friends. Right now I am a guest lecturer for the Applied Photographic Art at The Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University.

2001 :    Graduated from King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in department of Architectural Education,     Faculty of Industrial Education.
1996 :    Graduated from Ratchamongkol Institute in faculty of Architecture.

2012 :    Guest lecturer for Applied Photographic Art at The Faculty of Fine Arts Chiang Mai University.
2010 :     Creative Director, Plangrang co., Ltd., Chiang Mai
2008 :    Graphic Designer, Passport to Suvannaphoum Magazine, Chiang Mai
2007 :     Art Director, www.openchiangmai.com, Chiang Mai
2004 :    Graphic Designer, COMPASS Magazine, Chiang Mai
2003 :    Graphic Designer, Shopping Computer Magazine, Bangkok

2012 :    “NHD Art Gallery” Mini Art Space, Chiang Mai
2010 :     One of three founders of Plangrang co., Ltd., Graphic & Media Design Studio, Chiang Mai
2007 :    One of three founders of www.hodesigner.com, a group of digital artists and graphic designers in Lanna     One of four writers of “Lonesome-cities project”
2006 :    Start “Nokhookdesign” Graphic Design Studio, Chiang Mai www.nokhookdesign.net

Art Projects
2012 :    “A4 Art Show” at NHD Art Gallery, Chiang Mai
2010 :    “Plangrang Papertoy Project” at 11th NAP, Nimmanahaeminda Rd., Chiang Mai
2009 :    “The Jelly Project” at Changsathit Artivation Center, The Plaza, Chiang Mai, www.thejellyproject.com
2008 :     “Nokhook Paper Toy Project” Online Exhibition, Chiang Mai
2007 :     “Nokhook puppet series T-shirts collection” at Nokhookdesign shop, Chiang Mai
    “Twin Mix Postcard Project” at Wawee Coffee, Chiang Mai

Solo Exhibitions
2012 :    “Pug in” Graphic & Illustration at NHD Art Gallery, Chiang Mai
2011 :    “Sketch Now!” Nimman Art Fest #1, at Kadnoi, Chiang Mai
2010 :    “Nokhookdesignland” at Wallroom mini art space, 2BR Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Group Exhibitions
2012 :    “BLACK & WHITE Explorations in Pen and Ink” at Q Pop, Los Angeles, USA
    “Wall Painting” at Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai
2011 :    “Thai Illust Exhibition #01” at Banana Family Park, Bangkok
    “Tigertranslate” Metropolis Concept, at Melbourne, Australia
    “Kamen Rider VS Super Sentai Anniversaries Tribute Exhibition” at Q Pop, Los Angeles, USA
    “T-Shirts Exhibition” at Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai
2010 :    “Wallpaperdesign” by Torlarp Larpjaroensook & Nokhookdesign at Sukjai Thai Restaurant, Sydney, Australia
    “Poster Show” Friends & Lovers, Bangkok design festival at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok
    “Nokhookdesign X Plangrang” at Nap 11th, Nimmanahaeminda Rd., Chiang Mai
2009 :    “Thailand Tomorrow” Duo Exhibition at Café Sovannapoum, Chiang Mai
    “Panda Mania! Street Art Exhibition” at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai
    “Computer Graphic Plus” at Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Bangkok
    “Live @ Wawee” Live painting at WaweeCoffee Panna Place, Chiang Mai
    “RIDE a LIFE exhibition” at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai
    “Copy writes” Five fields of artists at the 10th NAP, Nimmanahaeminda Rd., Chiang Mai
2008:    “+iNDi Exhibition” Digital Art Exhibition, Silom Gallaria, Bangkok
    “Hug” at Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai
    “Ordinary People” Five fields of artists at the 9th NAP, Nimmanahaeminda Rd., Chiang Mai
    “Graphicline 01” Five fields of artists at Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai

Books & Magazines
2012 :    My Pocketbook “Fossil” Bangkok
2011 :     “Snapp” Free Magazine, for Plangrang co., Ltd. Chiang Mai
2009 :     “Curecarejournal” Free Magazine for Wawee Coffee, Chiang Mai
2008 :    My Pocketbook “M.A.D – Mutative Adult Documentary” Bangkok
    Pocketbook “LUMP Book” Chiang Mai
2005 :     My Pocketbook “เหตุการณ์กระดาษ” Compassbook, Chiang Mai

Showcase & Interview
2012 :    “Happenning Magazine” Issue May
    “UNDOMAG+” Free Magazine issue 03
2010 :    “New Textile Design” by Feierabend Unique Books, Germany
2009 :    “Viziomag” Issue 4, Germany, www.viziomag.com
    “Wallpaper Magazine” (Thai edition) Issue July
    “Click Magazine” Issue September
    “Worldwide GraphicDesign Asia” by Feierabend Unique Books, Germany
2008:    “CG+ Magazine” issue 16, Thailand

2010 :    5 Thailand Finalists for the CE Final Battle, CLEA2010 at Siam Paragon, Bangkok
2008 :    SVOA Trendy Design Award, Won a first prize of notebook design, Bangkok
2006 :    Awarded an honorable mention from www.openfest.net for graphic design, Bangkok
2004 :     MBK INDY BOOK AWARDS, Won another prize, Bangkok
2002 :     MBK INDY BOOK AWARDS, won prize Most creative story, Bangkok

KittiyaMoonsarn (Kwang)

A graduate of B.A and M.A in English from CMU, she has been working purely as a translator and copywriter for many magazines in Chiang Mai for more than 6 years. Apart from writing for pleasure and money, she is now teaching at Chiang Mai Ratchabhat University and Maejo University.The position is called ‘manager’, but in fact she does all the things that Anukun refuses to do (labour work and anything with figures!).


He is a pugand he is our public relations representative. Come to visit our shop and hewill welcome you (over-react) with joy and happiness. His special talent isthat he can eat everything except dog food!!!!! (Really everything, includingrubber and cotton balls)

P.S. Ifyou come and see us and our door is closed, it doesn’t always mean we are away– we are just afraid that our PR will run away from home!


E-mail: nokhookdesign@gmail.com